Peanut Allergy?

I once knew a person

Who I just couldn’t get along with.

He made me feel small

And he made me teeth my grit.

I tried and tried and tried

I even laughed at all his jokes.

But nothing changed the fact

That he made me ears from out of my smoke.

You’re ordinary, he told me wordlessly.

Nothing you do makes a difference.

I haven’t seen you come up with one good idea,

Not even an opinion that didn’t come from sitting on the fence.

I fought and fought and fought.

That’s not true at all, I tried to tell him,

Look! I can do everything you want me to do!

And I fell tirelessly to his whim.

But it wasn’t just about me.

I was quite fond of his heart.

And every heart deserves a chance,

To be loved without being picked apart.

I was sure if I waited long enough,

Things would start to change.

All it needs is love, they told me-

Sang it till the end of the tape.

I mentioned this to someone close,

And they laughed at the absurdity of my story.

Tell me, do you also negotiate with the heart of the peanut

When you have a peanut allergy?

Awesome sketch credit:



  1. Verrnaice. And yeah, the sketch is good too… very apt for this post 🙂

  2. Harini Tadepalli

    Srivi, I must say this is simply amazing. I’m serious..:O ❤

  3. You’ve brought out your innocent heart and thrown out your experience in your own firm manner which is highly commendable,but mine’s another simple opinion!

  4. This simple-but-quite-deep poem can give any person of experience and pain an indepth character of your soul. Its that well written. And this is no attempt at public flattery 😉

  5. OH, I thought you meant you had a different opinion about the topic. Heh, sorry.
    Thanks! That really is saying quite a bit – you made my day 🙂

  6. Looking forward to our combined journey to the blogosphere with success and profound realization…..

  7. Niketh shravan

    really good one 🙂

  8. smarabhsriram

    this is really good srivi…and im not really a big fan of poems…so ….great job woman keep it up…

  9. Vijay

    outstanding Srivi!

  10. Lakshitha

    We could actually give this a melody and see how it goes from there..

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