Letters to the people I can’t seem to communicate with

Dear 1,

Respect isn’t respect if it’s given selectively. Respect is a bribe if it’s given selectively. If intimidation is the only way you know to seek respect, then you will never find it. Can it still be called respect if you need to demand it?

Dear 2,

It is selfish to be impatient with someone who is hurt because of you. I understand you’re finding it hard to like yourself right now, but understand it is something you need to deal with, not distract yourself from. Self-esteem isn’t something you can delegate. How is being angry with someone else going to make you like yourself any quicker?

Dear 3,

If we all were to value a certain kind of intelligence over kindness, our children will grow up to be slaves and slave-drivers, and we will all die with frowns on our foreheads and holes in our hearts.

Dear 4,

No, you are not a typical Piscean. Stop taking meaningless pride in meaningless labels. And while you’re at it, stop using them as excuses to continue being an asshole.

Dear 5,

The lines on your face are deep. Sometimes I think they’re older than you. You have a right to be angry about the things that stole your years from you, but know that in exchange, you’ll be losing the ones you have left.

Dear 6,

It’s good to be aware of the lengths some people can go to do harm, but to let that knowledge dictate all our interactions is to give ourselves up to bitterness.  Mistrust is a poison, and most times, people mean well.





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