Environment Impact Accomodations


Fellow upper-berther on the train to Jaipur is an Environment Impact Assessment report writer. Obviously, he cannot decipher my enthusiasm about his job and has probably decided that I am another confused student excited by the prospect of ANY career. My idealism amuses him and his nonchalance confuses me.

Finally, after several awkward minutes of attempted conversation (from my side) about sustainability, pollution control and the MoEF, he seems to realise that he needs to spell it out for me.

“You know the industry hires me, yes?”

“Well, yes. So? Are you trying to say you HAVE to give them clearance?”

“Of course. They pay me for it. It isn’t a bribe, it’s my job and these companies hire the agency I work for to give them clearance. Giving clearances is my job.”

“I’m sure it isn’t that simple. Is it that simple?”

“Pretty much.”

“There’s no possibility of-“


“But what if-“



He continues to look suspiciously at me, but I am too heartbroken to carry on polite conversation.



  1. Sivaram Tadepalli

    Nice. Glad to see the machine is back.

    You should probably have reminded him of the Myth [curse] of Sisyphus. Sometimes, as Alistair MacLean WISELY said – Fear is the key. Themes of morality, greater good do not, unfortunately, resonate as much in driving action…but do not give up on idealism even as cynicism rears up a knowing head…and do not be heartbroken but continue the conversation with commitment, conviction and confidence. Cheers 🙂

    • Thanksthanks! And I’m going to apply idealism to Alistair MacLean’s statement as well and respectfully (wishfully?) disagree 😛
      And yes, I hope to be more regular now! Thanks for continuing to read and comment, Rampapa 🙂

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